Yoga Nidra/iRest

Yoga Nidra (or Yogic Sleep) is a process of guided meditation done while lying down. It is known to induce profound relaxation in the body and mind, eliminate stress, overcome insomnia, resolve trauma, and help overcome anxiety, fear, anger and depression.

Yoga Nidra can help soften and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of you leading your most enjoyable, most authentic life.

We start the process with whats called progressive relaxation, guiding the physical body into a more relaxed state by isolating and then tensing & releasing muscle groups. This allows the physical body to settle down and settle into the practice. Following the progressive relaxation comes a body scan, to further the softening of tense muscles. Then comes a guided meditation, where we will focus on breath, then the natural movement of the thoughts, and finally we'll settle the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. 

There is no prior mediation experience necessary. The beauty of Yoga Nidra is that you simply have to show up, the rest is done for you!  


In its ultimate revelation, Yoga Nidra points directly to your True Nature, to peace that is beyond description and is your birthright. This peace is not an empty promise or only for a selected few, but is present and available to you right now.
— — Richard Miller, PhD. Founder of iRest
Yoga Nidra is the sublime science of complete relaxation. But, it is more than that. Rooted in a vast body of knowledge, Yoga Nidra has different aims or outcomes. On the most basic level, Yoga Nidra is a comprehensive method for maximizing health and well being. On a deeper level, it is a profoundly spiritual practice and somewhere in between, it is one of the most profound and accessible ways to positively reshape the unconscious.
— — Yogarupa Rod Stryker