I was searching for a private yoga instructor who had a thoughtful understanding of anxiety and pain. When I read Kate's bio I knew she was that person. From my first yoga session with Kate months ago up til now she has helped me tremendously. She was very sensitive to my back pain issues and taught me how to adapt for yoga positions that caused pain. She has taught me tools to cope with my anxiety thru various breathing techniques. She has also performed Reiki on me with awesome results! Kate brings all of her life experience with her when she teaches. She is warm, sensitive and for me has been a true healer. — Tricia D.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kate for the past year. Due to a car crash, I sustained third and fourth degree burns on over 60% of my body and the one-on-one yoga sessions with Kate have been key to my out-patient recovery. As a burn patient I cannot state how important and key flexibility and strength become on a daily basis. Kate has been essential to my progress as well as one of my biggest supporters.

I believe one of Kate’s greatest strengths is her ability to truly listen to her clients. Combined with her extensive knowledge of yoga practices and techniques, she has developed a routine to target the areas that are in most need. At each session she always inquires as to how I’m feeling, whether I’m still having pain in my foot or knee, as well as the day-to-day events of my life and how I’m feeling emotionally. Kate takes all this information into consideration and integrates it into our session; poses to help stretch my calves, or relaxation poses and breathing techniques to help with stress or fatigue. She is also always reminding me to celebrate my successes and triumphs; improvement in poses that I might have left unacknowledged, she reminds me of the progress and to celebrate it.

Working with Kate has been a joy and an important part of my life. I consider myself very lucky to have her instruction, help, and positive support. — Erin S. 

Kate Thuss delivers Reiki with expertise and irresistable joy and warmth. I saw her first for several individual sessions and left each time both grounded and inspired. Amazingly, just three sessions with Kate helped to eliminate a menstrual issue I have suffered with my entire life, and calm my mind as well as body. In addition to individual sessions, Kate administered a couples' Reiki session for my partner and I before our move cross-country that was nothing short of transformative. By both laying hands on us herself and encouraging us to Reiki each other, Kate created an intimate experience that is beyond description and continues to touch us. I have been incredibly blessed to work with such a powerful healer.  Chelsea T.

After my first session with Kate I could feel the difference. Her gentleness, understanding and gift for healing is remarkable. When I first went to Kate my knee was not in great shape — since working with Kate for 2 months, my knee has improved immensely. In our sessions, Kate always takes inventory of how I am feeling and what I would like to work on. Her passion for Reiki and helping people is tangible in the sessions and is 100% present with you when working together. I would 1000% recommend Kate — whether it's to feel a moment of relaxation, for a physical pain, to feel a sense of balance, to relieve stress, and/or even to concentrate on strengthening your body mentally and physically by strengthening the energy around you. I am sure there are a million other reasons to do Reiki and there are even more to do it with Kate. She is the best! – Leslie M.

My experience in the Reiki sessions I’ve had with Kate Thuss have greatly helped me to shift stagnate and blocked energy on a mind, body and holistic level. Kate's acute and heightened intuition further lends clarity to her being a channel of healing energy in our sessions. I knew Kate was the real-deal before my very first session with her even began when I mentioned my friend whom referred me to her said she was a great "healer", Kate gracefully explained that while being called a healer is flattering, she is only the conduit of healing energy and that we are the ones who do the directing of where we need healing. She further expressed that it's important she keeps her ego out of the process for she clearly sees herself as only the straw (conduit) in helping people heal themselves. Kate is a genuine person who is in the healing arts for all the right and honorable reasons. She keeps a very serene and calming space/environment and I always feel at ease and empowered in Kate's presence (and further anchored in empowerment and restored after a session). Not only is Kate an amazing Reiki master, I find her to be a fountain of resourcefulness with valuable insight and knowledge in various areas that have supported my sustained healing between our sessions. – Kellie M.